All About Gambit Saifullah

Born in July 21, 1985. Gambit is a person who has experienced a lot throughout his life since he was young. An enthusiastic person, outgoing, and adventurous, he is pretty much an all rounder with a persistence heart.

He is involved in sports and martial arts along the lines of rally driving, football, boxing, horseback riding, karate, Brazilian ju-jitsu and weapons defence and training. At the age of 20, he graduated with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Diploma in Automotive Engineering.

While modeling, his first ever acting experience came into 3 films back to back in 2006. Aside from acting, he is also a well experienced and versatile producer and director on and off set. He was involved with several major Malaysian film companies and wishes to further on contributing in skills and pushing his acting limits to the very best.


-Cinta (jan2006)-Kabir Bhatia
-Susuk (jan2006)-Amir Muhammad & Naeim Ghalili
-Rasukan Ablasa (mar2006)-Razak Mohaideen
-Misteri Jalan Lama (aug2009)-Afdlin Shauki
-Hantu Bukit Cina (mar2010)- T.S Jeffry & Liza Ismail

-Realiti-series, 13eps (mar2006)-Ng Ping Ho
-Cinta Tiga Segi-TVmovie (aug2007)-Woo Ming Jin
-The Hoppers & Ahli Muzik-travel log, 13eps (june2008)-Cast, Produce & direct
-Suara Dari Kubur-TVmovie (mar2009)-Jurey Latiff Rosli
-Ibu Ampunkan Aku “Si Tanggang”-epic series, 8eps (mar2009)-Jurey Latiff Rosli
-Patahnya Sayap Malam-TVmovie (may2009)-Nizarman
-Ulat-Ulat Cinta-TVmovie (july2009)-Amit Kumar
-Macam Macam Cinta “Bukan Sequel”-VOICE for radiopera series, 20eps (aug2009)-Badrul Hashim
-Kau Laksana Bulan-malay series, 13eps (oct2009)-Apache
-Siong-malay series, 24eps (dec2009)-Adam Hamid
-Datang Bulan-TVmovie (apr2010)-Jurey Latiff Rosli
-Tika Cinta Berbisik-TVmovie (may2010)-Dak Seli
-Dekat Padaku-TVmovie (may2010)-Dak Seli

-Voted Top 5 Most Popular New Male Artiste 09/10
-Crowned Most Glamorous Male Artiste 09/10
-Cleo Magazine Most Eligible Bachelors of The Year 09/10
-Cosmopolitan Magazine Hottest Guys of The Year 09
-Teens Magazine Hottest Teens of The Year 09
-Female Magazine Most Gorgeous People of The Year 06
-Crowned Most Charming Guy of The Year 06

"There is no heart stronger than a heart of a fighter, It doesn't matter how many times you fall, all that matter is how many times you get up..."